The Young Cats and their Family Members

The young of the large cats are usually called cubs, While the young of the small cats are called kittens. All cats, whether large or small, are tiny and helpless when they are born and are blind until they are at least nine days old. There are usu3allly about four kittens a litter, and the mother looks after them on her own with no help from the father cat. Cats need a secure place in which to give birth. Domestic Cats t usually select a safe, dark spot, like a drawer or a Cupboard In the Wild. “‘05 members of the cat family, from the bobcat to the tiger, give birth in a den. d Kittens take around 65 days to gestate (develop) in the mother s womb, an after birth the mother suckles them for six to eight weeks before they are weaned and begin to eat meat. They are fully independent at about 81X months, but many young cats stay with their mothers for up to two years. The gestation period of cubs, such as the lion cub, is between 100 and 119 days. When they are born, they are ‘
very small compared to the size of the mother, and they are not weaned until they are up to six months old.

young cat


Although domestic cats like these may live in an apartment and have no contact with life in the wild, they still have all the instincts of wild Cats These kittens are now too old to sucklbu‘ met mother continues to protect and groom them. She also teaches them how to clean themselves and where to excrete. Cats taken away from the“ mothers too soon grow into neurotic and disturbed adults.


The play is an essential part of growing up, It teaches the young animal how to kill its prey and how to “get along” with its fellows. These kittens have to learn how to fight, but they must learn when to stop as well so that they are not badly hurt. The play also exercises the muscles of young animals and helps the brain and nervous system to develop quick reactions,

Mousers and Cat

A female cat only allows a male to mate with her when she is in heat. With domestic cats, this usually happens twice a year. Each mating takes only a few seconds but may occur several times with different males in the three to five days that the female is in heat.

Knitting Kitten

The kitten in this Japanese scroll is happily playing with a ball of wool. Toys play an important role, they stand in for prey, allowing kittens to ‘ practice catching and hunting techniques.


The coats of cubs and kittens are often marked differently than the adults This spotted baby is, in fact, a puma. Its spots merge into stripes and it has a ringed tail. The rings and spots slowly fade as the cub grows up. Lion cubs also often have spots, which fade as they mature. In some domestic breeds, such as; the Siamese, they are  with a pale ‘ r de

Cub Carriage

All mother cats are expert at carrying their \young from place to place at the first hint of danger. This lioness has grasped the loose skin around the neck of her cub between her teeth and lifts it off the ground without hurting it at all. Mother’s rough tongue grooms kitten, helping it to understand /about other cats’ scents


When a litmus comes into heat and is ready to mate, the chief lion in a pride stays close to her and
keeps other lions from approaching. He mates with her many times over the two or three days that she is receptive to him. Each time takes only a few seconds.


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