How cat clean and groom by themselves

The Cat is an  Exceptional clean Animal. All cats, big, small wild and domestic, spend a great deal of time licking their fur with rough tongues, pulling bits of dirt out of their feet, and wiping their faces with paws. Grooming spreads the cars over its body and onto wiping their faces _ .lands under its skin, gggcfgethtailifihgs against. Grooming also acts as a method of calming and “relaxing” the cat. It is not known why domestic cats bury their own feces (excreta), but it is a most convenient habit as far as their human owners are concerned. Many wild cats, like the tiger, do not do this, but deposit their excreta in a prominent position to mark their territory with its smell Although it is the cleanliness itself that seems to us to be all-important to the cat, from the cat’s viewpoint, the licking, rubbing, “sharpening of claws,” and depositing of excreta in fixed spots  is all part of a complex pattern of communication through smell and touch


The cat’s tongue is used for eating, lapping, and grooming. The usual rough surface of the mammalian the tongue has, in the cat, developed into hard, spiny processes, or papillae. The papillae point backward and are used to rasp (scrape) meat off bones or lick up food and push it down’ the throat. The tongue can also be curved into a scoop for lapping up water or used as a comb for grooming the fur.


By licking its Chest and belly, the cat is cleaning its fur and getting it to lie straight and comfortably. This licking also strengthens the cat’s own smell after it has been stroked or has fed its kittens


These lionesses are helping to keep each other clean by licking parts they cannot easily reach themselves More importantly, by spreading their personal scents over each other, they become familiar with other members of the pride, When people belong to the same group, they
often wear a uniform as a means of identification. When a pride of lions or a pair of domestic cats want to show they belong together, they make sure they smell the same.


This cat, by Japanese artist Ando Hiroshige (1797—1858), is more human than cat. Cats washing their ears in the usual feline manner is sometimes said to be a Sign that rain is on the way.


By grooming the inside of its leg, the cat is spreading scent from its chin, anal, and genital glands around its body, Other cats will smell this individual scent.


if a cat walks on something sticky it will wash it off at once. All cats are very particular about having

clean paws, which are essential for East movement and Climbing. Washing the paws also helps to spread the cat’s scent.


The cat washes its face by licking its paw and the“ rubbing the wet foot around its jaws. This Cleans its face, but perhaps more importantly, it spreads scent from glands in the chin onto the feet, so the
cat will leave its scent wherever it walks.

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