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Careem vs Uber Alternative Earning Method



You Tube

  • You can earn handsome money.
  • Gmail account is necessary.
  • First you have to create channel.
  • Then upload videos according to your interest.
  • When you have reached 10000 life time views.

Life time views means total views of all the videos

  • Then you can connect Google AdSense and monetized your videos.
  • Google AdSense display ads on your videos
  • Google AdSense can help you to make money through advertisements.


How much YouTube pay $$$

  • You can get 0.5 to 5 dollars in 1000 views .
  • The value is totally estimated it depends upon keywords and country traffic.
  • You can earn less if your audience is local as compared to international.

Policy Violation

  • You have to create own videos.
  • Do not copy others videos , otherwise you can get a copyright strike.
  • If you have 3 copyright strike your channel will be terminated forever.
  • Main problem of Pakistanis is that they don’t want to create videos , they only know how to copy others content , spamming etc.

It’s not about entertainment

  • There are lots of niches besides entertainment.
  • And good news is that you can create videos easily on those niches.
  • Niches topic
  • Life hacks.
  • Product unwrapping/opening.
  • Top 10.
  • Food reviews , food cooking.
  • Screen recording(any skills).

Let’s  suppose

Estimate views earning

1000 views(1k)= 1 dollar

10000 views(10k)=10 dollar

100000 views(1lac)=100 dollar

1000000 views(1millions)=1000 dollar

10000000 views(10 millions)=10000 dollar


Main thing to success


  • Try to be unique.
  • Try to make content on low competition.
  • In start you have to make tons of videos.
  • If your any video ranks , that’s your niche.
  • Then you have to specific your channel on that niche.
  • Specific your niche and know your audience interest is the key to success.



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